Firearms Legislation



TSNZ affiliated Police Range Inspectors

Please contact Tee-Jay at the office and she can give you the contact details for the TSNZ Police Range Inspectors.


Submission Updates - 21 April

Some further information and templates to help with your submissions:






TSNZ Exec Update - Wednesday 13 April 8:00pm




Discussion Document for Public Consultation – Arms Regulations (Phase Two)


(Click here to view a PDF of the document)

This discussion document sets out proposals for new Arms Regulations in relation to:

  • the new requirement for approval of shooting clubs by the Police Commissioner
  • the new requirement for certification of shooting ranges by the Police Commissioner
  • associated provisions that support these changes.


Associations, Clubs and Individuals are encouraged to review the discussion paper and submit their submission by

  • by downloading and saving this submission form below, filling it out, and then attaching and emailing your submission to , or
  • posting your submission to Firearms Policy Team, Policy and Partnerships Group, Police National Headquarters, 180 Molesworth Street, PO Box 3017 Wellington, 6011.

The closing date for submissions is 4 May 2022.

Click here for a submission form



TSNZ Exec Update - scheduled for 13 April

The following message was sent to Associations Secretaries on Friday 1 April. If you would like to be involved let your Secretary know.


ZOOM Meeting - Wednesday 13 April at 8:00pm

“New Zealand Police is encouraging public submissions on proposals for new regulations for shooting clubs and ranges, to help support community safety from firearms harm.”

The TSNZ Exec are inviting members:

  • to hear an update on the proposal and its plans for submission/s, and
  • to provide a forum for discussion and questions.

Could Associations please select 1 - 3 representatives to attend this Zoom meeting. Although we would prefer to not limit numbers, there is a need to keep numbers at a manageable level in order to give each Association a chance for input and to ask questions.

It is then expected that the Assn representatives can report back to their clubs and members.

Please provide the Office names and email addresses of your representatives by Friday 8 April. They will then be sent a link to the Zoom meeting.

Details of the proposal can be found on the Police website:



Transporting Firearms

Here is information about the new arms regulations for transporting firearms.

The regulations can be found on the Legislation website, Arms Regulations 1992 (SR 1992/346) (as at 01 February 2022) Contents – New Zealand Legislation

From 1 February 2022, there are new arms regulations around storage of firearms in vehicles and mobile homes, and carriage of firearms on public transport: 

Vehicles (regulation 19B): (these rules apply to mobile homes too)  

  • Firearms and ammunition must be concealed from view 
  • Firearms must be made inoperable (if readily possible; if not, fitted with a trigger lock or stored in a locked case or carry bag. Note the order of these – if it is easily possible to make it inoperable, eg by removing the bolt, this must be done). 
  • Firearms must not be loaded 
  • Ammunition must be stored separately from the firearm and in a locked glovebox or similar case where practicable. 
  • They can be left unattended for up to 60 minutes if the licence holder is in the immediate area, they are stored per the rules above, and the vehicle is locked, windows closed, and keys are in the licence holder’s possession. If possible, vital parts (eg bolt) of firearms should be taken with you. 
  • If you’re leaving the vehicle for more than 60 minutes you need to store firearms and ammunition securely elsewhere, or take them with you (except if properly stored in a mobile home) 
  • Motorcyclists carrying firearms must render them inoperable or fit a trigger lock, and keep the firearm and any parts in a locked case or carry bag. 
  • On a ferry, if drivers and passengers are required to leave the vehicle deck you can leave your firearm in your vehicle, provided the vehicle is locked, windows closed, and the keys are not left with the vehicle. 

Mobile homes (regulation 19A): In addition to the above rules for vehicles, firearms and ammunition can only be stored in a mobile home or caravan if that is the firearms licence holder’s temporary or permanent home. The storage must be approved by a member of police. (Presumeably this will be done in the same manner as at-home storage is approved, ie by being visited by a vetter) 

Public transport and carriage in public places (regulation 19C): Firearms carried on public transport or in public places must be unloaded, rendered inoperable, carried in a locked case or carry bag, and remain with the licence holder at all times.