National Indoor Champs (NIC)


The 2020 NIC competition is now CONFIRMED as being held on 2 August.

13 venues are hosting the 2020 NIC match, so head to your closest range and compete against others in your Grade right around NZ.

Note that some venues will have time and/or day different to the standard Sunday 2nd August 12pm - 5pm, so be sure to check the info before you go.


Click here for PDF of 2020 NIC Information



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National Indoor Champs 2019

Medals for the 2019 National Indoor Champs were presented at the North vs South dinner, apart from some Bronze Medals which we are still waiting on from our supplier, and will be sent out as soon as they arrive.  If you were not at the dinner, the medal will have been given to a member of your Association/Club to bring back for you.

Prize Payouts for 2019 NIC Shooters will be going into the Association/Venue bank accounts the week of 2nd September.

 It is then up to the Associations to distribute the payouts to the shooters who shot at their venue.


Each Grade receives $145 for 1st place, $125 for 2nd place and $100 for 3rd place.  

Then how many more payouts are made for each Grade depends on the number of entries in that Grade.  
For 2019 payouts go to:

Master Grade - 7th place
A Grade - 8th place
B Grade - 10th place
C Grade - 7th place
D Grade - 4th place



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Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 National Indoor Championship match shot
on the weekend of 3-4 August at 12 venues around NZ:


MASTER GRADE – Martin Hunt 1st,  Ryan Taylor 2nd,  Darryn Quigley 3rd  (41 shooters)

A GRADE – Piper Benbow 1st,  Martin Fleming 2nd,  Dean Fincham 3rd  (50 shooters)

B GRADE – Jacob Fulton 1st,  Aidan Lynch 2nd,  Mark Rule 3rd  (62 shooters)

C GRADE – Stephanie McNair 1st,  Abby Pierce 2nd, Colin Dilworth 3rd  (40 shooters)

D GRADE – Chris Barnard 1st,  Jolie Carter 2nd,  John Booth 3rd  (26 shooters)


Prize money for these shooters (plus further placings depending on entry numbers) will be sent out to the Association Venues once the entry money is received in at TSNZ, and medals  for 1st – 3rd placings will be sent out to be presented soon.





  TSNZ_Medals_0000_Gold.png                 TSNZ_Medals_0001_Silver.png              TSNZ_Medals_0002_Bronze.png