North vs South Interisland Match

North vs South 2019

17th August, Keene Range, Petone, Lower Hutt

Hutt Valley Association have now advised the MOTELS that they will be arranging TRANSPORT for shooters and gear to and from the Keene Range. 
Anyone who stays at these locations will be able to request transport, however shooters who choose to stay elsewhere will need to organise their own transport.  
Note that for the first time this year, the Host Association is not responsible for Motel bookings.  

The DINNER, photos and presentatons will be held at the Petone Club, 47 Udy St, Petone.


Ranking lists are updated after each weekend of Champs shooting, of course this can only be done once the match organisers have sent their results in to the Office.  
You can check the date at the top of the Ranking List to see when it was last updated.


Thanks to everyone who has contacted the Office for amendments to the North vs South Nominations list.  The updated list is below:

The second round of emails confirmation North vs South nominations was sent out on 3rd May. 
If you have not yet received an expected email it may be that your email address was illegilble or incorrect, or was not provided.  Please contact the Office to check.

The updated Nominations List can be found below. 
Please contact the TSNZ Office if your nomination is not correct or does not appear on the list. 
A missed nomination will only be added if you can prove that the nomination had been sent in on time. 
Any new nominations (which need both form and fee) received after 30th April cannot be included.


If you wish to nominate for a South Island or North Island team for 2019, your TSNZ Membership form AND fee MUST be in at the TSNZ Office by 30th April.

For the first time there is now a MEN'S team as well as the usual VETERAN'S, WOMEN'S,  JUNIORS and OPEN teams, and shooters can nominate for as many or as few teams as they wish.  Ranking lists will commence after the nomination closing date.

Note that it is a VERY busy time of year for processing Membership forms and Nominations.
This list will be updated regularly, so if you have sent in your Nomination after the date of this list and before 30th April, it may still be underway.
Please remember to allow some time for your membership to be processed before contacting the office with queries.​ 




North vs South Explained





Interisland NZ pocket.jpg


Teams of shooters are selected for North Island and South Island teams based on Championship scores shot between April and June each year.  For North Islanders this is based on the average out of 100 of their FOUR best scores, while for South Islanders it is from their THREE best scores.

The RANKING LIST from the TSNZ Office gives the current ranking for all shooters who have nominated for North/South.

OPEN - 20 members plus 2 emergencies
WOMEN - 15 members plus 2 emergencies
MEN - 15 members plus 2 emergencies (for the first time in 2019)
JUNIOR - 10 members plus 2 emergencies
VETERAN - 10 members plus 2 emergencies


Some places in each team are awarded automatically based on the Ranking List.  These are 15 for the Open team, 11 for the Women's and Men's Teams, 7 for the Juniors and Veterans Teams.

An Island Selection Panel of three (who have been appointed at the previous TSNZ AGM) confirm the automatic selections and then select the remaining members from the full list of nominees.  They can consider nominees who have not shot 3 Championships for South Island and 4 Championships for North Island if they feel this is warranted.

Shooters who have been selected for the Teams are advised of their success by early July, and will then receive full information on the match and what is expected of them.



Each Team and Island has a Manager who makes sure their teams know all they need to in advance of the match, and are present during the weekend.  On the Friday night the Manager will introduce his/her team along with their years of representation and will present the Island datebars. During the Saturday match the Manager will make sure everyone is ready on time, will check targets and be the liaison for any protests, and at the Dinner will make sure everyone is present (and well presented) at the team photos.

On the Saturday all teams shoot shoulder to shoulder and will shoot one ten-shot, one twenty-shot, and then one ten-shot match.   Separate matches are shot for each team a shooter has qualified for - for example a shooter in both the Junior and Open teams will have to shoot eveything twice.  Those who rank in the top of each team qualify for their respective New Zealand Team(s), and then shoot on the Sunday in a Postal Match against the UK Home Counties.  Shooters who do not make the NZ teams also shoot on the Sunday in the Derby Match, where teams have been drawn from their ranking on the previous day.  There is often a Manager's match too, where the team managers have to borrow all the gear they need.

The event concludes with an Awards Dinner, which is a formal event and includes presentation of trophies and NZ pockets and datebars, and photographs of all teams.  The dress code for all team members is black trousers/skirt, white shirt/top, and black blazer/jacket.  



Past North vs South Results



North vs South 2018



Nth Sth 2018 38 _ Open BSA.jpg
BSA Shield & Medal
Top Open Inter-Island Score
Denva Wren



Nth Sth 2018 37 _ Open Ross.jpg
Ross Shield - Open Teams
Winning North Captain Martin Hunt (l),
South Captain Regan Cowe (f)



Nth Sth 2018 39 _ Open Hudson.jpg
Hudson Trophy
Top Open Aggregate Score
Ryan Taylor


Nth Sth 2018 40 _ Open Island Reps.jpg
New Open Island Representatives



Nth Sth 2018 41 _ Open NZ Reps.jpg
New Open NZ Representatives


Nth Sth 2018 42 _ Open NZ.jpg


Nth Sth 2018 25 _ Women Craig Shield.jpg
Craig Shield - Womens Teams
South Captain Mary Goodwin (l)
Winning North Captain Janet Hunt (r)


Nth Sth 2018 26 _ Women MacDowall.jpg
MacDowell Cup
Top Women's North Island Score
Samantha Riddle 


Nth Sth 2018 27 _ Women LE Taylor.jpg
RE Taylor Cup
Top Women's South Island Score
Lanelle McArthur


Nth Sth 2018 28 _ Women Hooper Lee.jpg
RE Taylor Cup
Top Women's South Island Score
Lanelle McArthur
Nth Sth 2018 29 _ Women Hooper Lee.jpg
Betty Hooper Memorial Trophy
Top NZ Women's Team Score
Rachel McLaren
Nth Sth 2018 31 _ Women NZ Reps.jpg
New Women NZ Representatives
Nth Sth 2018 30 _ Women Island Reps.jpg
New Women Island Representatives
Nth Sth 2018 32 _ Women NZ.jpg
Nth Sth 2018 14 _ Junior NZSRA Cup.jpg
NZSRA Junior Cup - Junior Teams
North Captain Samantha Riddle (l)
Winning South Captain Lanelle McArthur (r)


Nth Sth 2018 14 _ Junior Nan Barlow.jpg
Nan Barlow Memorial Cup
Top Junior Inter-Island Score
Greg Bengston


Nth Sth 2018 15 _ Junior Marchant.jpg
Marchant Trophy
Top Junior Aggregate Score
Greg Bengston


Nth Sth 2018 16 _ Junior Nth Reps.jpg
New Junior North Island Representatives


Nth Sth 2018 17 _ Junior Sth Reps.jpg
New Junior South Island Representatives


Nth Sth 2018 24 _ Junior NZ.jpg


Nth Sth 2018 18 _ Junior Cameron.jpg


Nth Sth 2018 19 _ Junior Emily.jpg


Nth Sth 2018 20 _ Junior Greg.jpg


Nth Sth 2018 21 _ Junior Jordan.jpg


Nth Sth 2018 22 _ Junior Katherine.jpg


Nth Sth 2018 23 _ Junior Shania.jpg


New Junior NZ Representatives


Nth Sth 2018 33 _ Vets Rhodes.jpg
Rhodes Scroll - Veterans Teams
South Island Captain Val Wadsworth (l)
Winning North Island Captain Ralph Small (r)


Nth Sth 2018 34 _ Vets Lissington.jpg
Lissington Trophy
Top Veterans Inter-Island Score
Peter Neilson

Nth Sth 2018 35 _ Vets NZ Reps.jpg
New Veterans NZ Representatives
Nth Sth 2018 36 _ Vets NZ.jpg


Nth Sth 2018 43 _ Derby Gardiner.jpg
Gardiner Shield
Top Score Derby Team
Martin Hunt
Nth Sth 2018 44 _ Derby Team.jpg
Winning Derby Team
Damn Sure to Rise



On Saturday 18th August the Veterans and Junior matches started out the day at 8.30am, then followed by the Women’s Team around 12.00.  The day finished up with the Open Teams shooting from 2.30.  

The event continued on Sunday 19th August, with the NZ Teams shooting first to post scores against the UK's Home Counties teams (who shoot later this year), and then the Derby Teams and Managers shoots took place.

The 2018 Inter-Island match concluded with presentations and dinner on the Sunday night.


Congratulations to the SOUTH ISLAND JUNIORS who took the win this year with 3867.158 to the North Island’s 3853.149. 

The NZ Junior Team is Greg Bengston, Lanelle McArthur, Piper Benbow, Jordan Erskine, Katherine Butt, Samantha Riddle, Shania Harrison-Lee, Sarah Reesby, Cameron Gibbons, Emily Hammond, Julian Craib and Kate Campbell.


Results for the Veterans were reversed, with the NORTH ISLAND VETERANS winning with 3912.185, to the South Island’s 3874.153.

The NZ Veterans Team members are Peter Neilson, Ralph Small, Grant Taylor, Rober Dalzell, Doug Gibson, Ann Harris, Lindsay Horne, Gary Cuff, Bill Stevenson, David Baigent, Jeanette Kinsey and Murray Reeves.


The Women’s match was a close one, with only 9 points between the two.  The NORTH ISLAND WOMEN took first place with 5844.294 to the South Island’s 5835.281.

The NZ Women’s Team is Lanelle McArthur, Samantha Riddle, Meredith Ackrill, Fiona Spence, Denva Wren, Tania Boerlage, Shania Harrison-Lee, Rachel McLaren, Kirsten Birrell, Emily Hammond, Ann Harris and Michaela Smith.


And finally, congratulations to the NORTH ISLAND OPEN Team who won with a commanding lead of 7844.440 to the South Island’s 7779.360.

The NZ Open Team is Denva Wren, Lanelle McArthur, Roy Herbison, Regan Cowe, Tony Beaver, Ryan Taylor, Rory McLeod, Amelia Hughson, Janet Hunt, Katrina Quigley, Chris Harrison, Owen Bennett, Peter McCallum, Neil Kinsey, Gavin Riddle, Grant Taylor, Sam Vincent, Bruce Cameron, Jason Cameron, Conan Griffin, Ralph Small and Jamie Bonis.