Benchrest shooting is another great option for 50 metre outdoor shooting.
If you're feeling like the physical side of prone shooting is getting too difficult, or you feel you have failing eyesight, give Benchrest a go.  Here's why: 


  • Sitting at the bench with the rifle supported is much easier on the body than getting up and down and holding the rifle weight in prone.
  • It's comfortable in the heat of summer - no heavy jackets or gloves to use.
  • Using a scope is really good for eyesight issues.
  • It's a great way to learn how to read wind and mirage.
  • Shooting is social as you can discuss conditions as you shoot - and even have a coffee!
  • Rules are much more relaxed.

As well as shooting in competitions, Benchrest is an excellent way of lot-testing ammunition, and of testing the target rifle that you already have to see how good it really is.

40 and 60 shot matches are shot, giving scores of 400 or 600 plus inners.   The diagrams are much smaller, and have rings only for 8s, 9s, 10s and inners.  Some Outdoor Champs and the Outdoor Nationals will have a Benchrest Competition.   While Benchrest is still fairly new in NZ, at the Australian Nationals there are regularly 60-70 Benchrest competitors.

Why not have a go at Benchrest even if you are new to shooting and don't feel ready to shoot 50m Prone. Canterbury and Palmerston North now have Benchrest tables and some rests and telescopic sights you may be able to use.  


Equipment needed:  Target rifle, telescopic sight, front and rear rests, or sand bags.

The telescopic sight needs to be at least 20 power (some use fixed 36 power) , and needs fine crosshairs or target dot reticle.

CLICK HERE for TSNZ Benchrest Rules