Indoor Range Officers 



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In March 2021 TSNZ launched a new and updated TSNZ Indoor Range Officers' Training Course
and Range Officers' Certification Test.


The intent of the Course and Certification is to standardise how Indoor Range Officers manage shooters and ranges for all TSNZ activities throughout NZ. 

Any shooter will then immediately be comfortable shooting at any range, knowing that proper safety standards are upheld and  that TSNZ Rules are followed.
This gives all shooters a fair and even chance for success no matter what Club or region they are from.


To become a Certified TSNZ Indoor Range Officer you must:

*  be an affiliated TSNZ Member
*  be a member of an affiliated TSNZ Indoor Club
*  be approved by your TSNZ Indoor Club
*  hold a valid NZ Firearms LIcence
*  pass the TSNZ Range Officer Certification test


The Range Officer Certification Test:  this is an open book test taken online. 

 It consists of 30 questions, some with multiple parts, and has no time limit, but you should expect to take around 30-60 minutes to complete it. 


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The resources used in the test are:

-  the TSNZ Indoor Range Officers’ Training Course - updated on 18 March 2021 - see below for info

-  TSNZ Constitution and Rules (1 November 2023)

-  NZ Arms Code (2013)

At the start of the test there are links to these resources, but you can also download them from the links at the bottom of this page. 

 You should work through these BEFORE attempting the test.  You can refer to them during the test as this is an open book test.


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Once a test has been submitted it will be graded and the result emailed to you.  The Score required to pass the test is 90%. 

If you do not pass the test, it can only be re-taken a maximum of two more times in that one year.  The test may be re-taken in future years though, if required.


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When you pass the test your Indoor Club Secretary will be advised of this, and will be asked to provide a reference for you. 

It is up to your Club to recommend whether or not they consider you to be a suitable person to be in charge of their range.


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If the Club’s reference is positive, and all other Membership and Firearms Licence conditions have been met, then TSNZ will advise you of your Certification as a TSNZ Indoor Range Officer. 


The Certification will be valid for three years, at which point a refresher test will be required.