TSNZ Executive



The Target Shooting NZ Executive meet regularly throughout the year to plan and manage TSNZ events and activities.  The Executive are elected members, with the President and Deputy President being elected by Postal Vote annually prior to the AGM and the Executive Members serving two year terms.   

The TSNZ AGM is held in October each year, and Delegates from TSNZ Associations around New Zealand meet there to discuss and vote on changes to the TSNZ Constitution and Rules.


TSNZ President

Steve O'Donnell

steve o_donnell _ pic4.jpg


Ph: 021 705 666
 Email: steve@rtresults.co.nz



TSNZ Deputy President

Paul Turner



Ph:  06 347 1008
 Email: paul.turner@tsw.net.nz




Executive Member

Shirley Herridge

shirley herridge pic 3.jpg


Ph: 027 434 1884
 Email: shirleyherridge@gmail.com


Executive Member

Jess Burgess-Smith
Palmerston North

jess burgess_smith _ pic 2.jpg

Ph:  021 023 50706
Email: jess.b.s@hotmail.com


Executive Member

Jesse Henriksen

jesse henriksen _ profile pic 1.jpg

Ph: 027 6277 485
 Email: jessehenriksen@gmail.com

Executive Member

Nick Phillips

nick phillips _ pic 2.jpg

Ph:  022 681 2801
Email: nwp@zepler.net



Mrs Colleen Lee


Life Members

Graeme Hudson
Tom Mulvey
Colleen Lee
Bruce Marchant


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Executive Officer

Evan Little

evan little.jpg

Ph:  022 313 0609
 Email: targetshootingnz@xtra.co.nz
PO Box 737, Wellington 6140

Trading Officer

Ruth McNair

ruth mcnair _ photo 2.jpg

Ph:  027 666 2811
 Email: targetshootingnztrading@gmail.com