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TSNZ 2021 Air Rifle Challenge - December

December Results and Overall Results


TSNZ 2021 Air Rifle Challenge - November

Well-done to everyone who has been shooting the Air Rifle Challenge and to those that shoot a match in November. There is one mouth to go, so good luck to the shooters.

A reminder that four months worth of matches are needed to be eligible for the Challenge, so remember to shoot the December match if you need a 4th score.

Also, well done to all those that participated at the Totara Road and Awapuni Air Rifle Champs earlier this month. It was great to see some new shooters as well as the regulars.

Keep up the training and have a good Christmas.


TSNZ 2021 Air Rifle Challenge - extension

Due to the August Covid-19 lockdown period the due date for the August Air Rifle Challenge match has been extended to 30 September.  
This means that TWO match scores can be sent in by the end of September.


TSNZ 2021 Air Rifle Challenge - Month 1 Results

It's been great to see the first month's scores come in for this new Air Rifle Challenge Match.   Many of the shooters took advantage of the match shot on electronic targets at the Manawatu Open to log their first scores - to do this at any competition the shooter only needs to tell the Range Officer in advance of shooting that the match will be for this competition as well as whatever event they are competing for at the time.

Congratulatons to the Top Placings, and good luck to everyone for their August Match.  Shooters can still enter this competition as only 4 scores are needed by the end of the year, so if you've missed July, don't worry, just get your entry in now.  Scroll down for the Entry Form.

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TSNZ 2021 Air Rifle Challenge 

All TSNZ Air Rifle shooters are invited to compete in this new Postal event.  The competition runs over 6 months (July - December), with one match being shot each month.  Only 4 matches are needed to compete, so even if you've missed a month or 2, you can still get involved.  For those who shoot 5 or 6 months, their lowest scores are discarded, leaving the top 4 in the match.


Sections are Men, Women, Junior Men, Junior Women, and New Shooter (started Air Rifle after 1.10.20).


There are awards in each Section for the Top Shooter, Top Single Match Score, Top 10-Shot String, and Most Improved.  

Shooters who enter will have their scores input into all sections they qualify for, and scores will be shared here monthly

Manawatu Air - 23-24 July 2021 - Palmerston North


img_8952 red.jpg


img_8955 red.jpg


It was great to see this match being shot on ELECTRONIC TARGETS in the upstairs Air Rifle Range in Palmerston North.
There was a good crowd in the range for the Finals, and with shots being seen instantly, the clapping and cheering made for an exciting event.

Congratulations to 2021 Mens Champion Owen Bennett, and Womens Champion Jess Burgess-Smith




AIr Rifle Postals 2020-21

There were very few entries to this Postal match this year, with only 2 Women competing and no Men.  Congratulations to Jess Burgess-Smith for the win.

Click here for 2020-21 Air Rifle Postal RESULTS



New Air Rifle Champs in Marlborough

Marlborough RSA held a new Air Rifle Champs match in Blenheim on Queen's Birthday Weekend - 5th June.

This added to a great weekend of shooting which includes the Indoor Champs already held in Blenheim on 5th June, and Nelson on 6th and 7th June.


CLICK here for the Marlborough RSA Air Rifle RESULTS



2021 Air Rifle Nationals ** -  Parafed Auckland - 17 - 18 April 2021 


After a postponement due to Covid-19 travel uncertainties, the 2021 Air Rifle Nationals got underway at the Mt Eden Range on the weekend of the 17th & 18th April.  Despite being light on numbers the shooters certainly were not light on enthusiasm.  Two days of shooting saw some shaky starts for some and personal best scores for others.  3 Men and 4 Women shot the Badge Match on Saturday and 4 Men and 4 Women for the Designated Match on Sunday.

Top scores on Saturday went to Owen with a 614.2, Jessica with a 597.1 and Mike with a 637.3.  Top scores on Sunday went to Owen with a 605.7, Jessica with a 609.1 and Mike with a 640.2.

We also had over the weekend a great turn out from our WSPS shooters. Open Prone on Saturday saw 6 shooters battling it out. Congratulations goes to the newcomers of the group that fought hard against the regulars.  A couple of our WSPS shooters are vying for Paralympics spots and required qualifying scores from the weekend.

A National record in the WSPS Standing was smashed on Sunday – congratulations Mike for your score of 640.2.  The previous record was 624.3, set by Grant Sharman at the 2017 Air Nationals.

Click here for TSNZ Air & Outdoor National Records

PASC would like to thank every one that came along to shoot, the organisers, and Shooting Stuff for their donation of prizes.We look forward to seeing you all again at the Designated Match in October.  Keep up the training.

Julie Wills
Parafed Auckland Shooting Club




2021 air nats 1.jpg


2021 air nats 4.jpg


2021 air nats 3.jpg

2021 air nats 5.jpg


2021 air nats 2.jpg



Sius Electronic Targets at Manawatu

Thanks to NZSF and the ISSF Development Fund, a 10-lane Sius Hybrid Score 10m Air electronic target range ihas been set up at the MSRA range in Palmerston North.  This equipment, which is owned by NZSF and to be shared between TSNZ and Pistol NZ, was used for the first time to run the Manawatu Designated Air match on 30th January, and provided a fantastic experience for our shooters.  Going by the number of PBs shot there, our Air Rifle shooters will be looking forward to using this equipment for future matches.


air 2021.jpg









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Results to come soon


Matches noted ** are TSNZ Designated Matches for International Selection


Manawatu Open Air - 18 July - RESULTS

North Island Air (Palmerston North) - 19 Sept - RESULTS

Auckland Air **   /  Mt Eden Air **   - 3 - 4 October - RESULTS

Marlborough Air ** (Blenheim) - 25 October - RESULTS

Totara Rd Air **  /  Awapuni Air **  (Palmerston North) - 5 - 6 December - RESULTS

Manawatu Air ** (Palmerston North)  - 30 January 2021 - RESULTS

Air Rifle Nationals ** (Auckland) - 17-18 April 2021 - RESULTS



Auckland / Mt Eden Air - 3-4 October 2020

Although the numbers were down on previous years the enthusiasm of the shooters was not.  Great shooting by all that attended.

Because of the lighter numbers the shooters decided to have a mixed final each day rather than a separate Women’s and Men’s which made for some great results.


auckland air 2020.jpg


auckland air 2020 2.jpg

















 Air Rifle Nationals








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