Anschutz 1918 A Alu Precise stock + ahg 4765 hook

Milled out of high quality strength aluminium, this stock has a very slim fore-end with large radius and is suitable for all hand sizes. 

Stock weight 1.2 kg.

Holes drilled into the fore-end guarantee a constant barrel temperature during shooting (chimney-effect).

Millimeter accurate scaling at the cheek piece adjustment, height adjustment, grip adjustment and at the fore-end allow optimum re-positioning.

Pistol grip is variably adjustable to both sides and can be turned.

Multifunctional, stable and variable cheek piece notch adjustment with especially large adjusting range and precise adjustment of horizontal and vertical adjustment allows an optimum adaptation/correction to the position.  

Stock extension can be positioned continuously with strong threaded columns and knurled nuts.

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