Bore Cleaning Tips 590

Swab-Its Bore-Tips 

The Swab-Its Bore-Tips Cleaning Swabs are unique foam swabs that are just the thing for giving your barrel a good cleaning. By utilising a polyurethane foam moulded over a polymer jag, the Bore-Tips achieve a very tight fit in the bore.

Bore-Tips can be washed with soap and water and reused.

The molded thread fits tightly and securely in to cleaning rods and can be removed and used again and again with no damage to the threads. 

For rods with different thread you have to use an adapter like item no. 586

Because Bore-tips are foam and not cotton, they leave no fuzz or fibres behind. Also, because the foam swab is sponge-like it absorbs solvent and lube with less mess and makes complete contact with bore when passing through which ensures a completely coated bore. 

Attention: Do not use with amonia-based solvents. 

Technical Information:
• Swab Material: Polyurathane Foam , Jag Material: Polypropylene Plastic , thread: 8/32” 


Calibre .22 Item 590


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