Ergonomic buttplate for benchrest

A butt plate modified to benchrest shooting requirements.
Stability despite of versatile adjustment possibilities unified with sophisticated design.
Universal joints offer stepless adjusting and three independently adjustable plates with rubber - a harmonic development of design and operation.
The contact of shoulder and butt plate Ergonomic is ideally supported by a rubber layer on the alu parts.
Releasing the shot gives a very comfortable and uniform feeling.
The perforated rubber and theperforated alu wings provide an absolutely anti-slip connection of the shoulder and butt plate.
A market newcomer is the upper wing - equipped with a rasterized double joint - offering adjustment above and on the shoulder.
Due to the stainless steel screw-on plate the butt plate Ergonomic can be mounted to all current match stocks.
This plate can be adjusted in height in 5mm grids. The fine height adjustment works stepless with hand wheels.

Item Number 4776 

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