HoldMaster Training System

The HoldMaster is a low-cost, lightweight shooter's training system. When attached to a firearm, its 3-axis accelerometers capture all movement during a dry or live shooting session.

Data is sent to a connected smartphone via Bluetooth, for post session analysis. This provides a visual insight into any issues that may arise during hold and release, including the hold quality, timing, rhythm and cant.

Sessions can be stored and compared on the website.

The HoldMaster's  key attributes include:

  • Small and Lightweight (15g)
  • Dry and Live firing at all ranges
  • Completely wireless
  • Fast and easy to setup
  • Free App for both Android and Apple (iOS)
  • Sensor powered by Coin cell Li-Ion battery








Option A - HOLDMASTER in DUAL CASE with Velcro straps - Available in Black, Blue or Red - $275

The Velcro straps allows the HoldMaster case to be attached to most firearms, typically close to the muzzle for the most sensitive data.  

Each Dual Case HoldMaster includes a sensor, Velcro straps and tabs, plus rubber mounting strips. Batteries not included due to NZ Courier restrictions.











Option B - HOLDMASTER in STAINLESS STEEL strap case - Available in Black, Blue or Red - $320

If you are using an air weapon where there is a very narrow gap between the cylinder and the barrel, such as a Steyr LP10, choose the HoldMaster in the Stainless Steel Strap case.

Each SSS Case HoldMaster includes a sensor, one stainless steel strap and rubber mounting strips.  Batteries not included due to Courier restrictions.


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