National Indoor Champs (NIC)


Prize Payouts for 2017 NIC Shooters went into the Association bank accounts on 7th September;  it is up to the Associations to distribute the payouts to the shooters who shot at their venue.

Each Grade receives $145 for 1st, $125 for 2nd and $100 for 3rd.  Then how many more payouts are made for each Grade depends on the number of entries in the Grade.  So for 2017 payouts are:

Master Grade   
A Grade   
B Grade   
C Grade   
D Grade


To 5th place
To 8th place
To 11th place
To 6th place
To 4th place



Congratulations again to our National Indoor Championships winners for 2017.

The presentation of our first ever NIC medals took place at the North vs South dinner, and medals for those who weren't there have had their medals sent back with their local shooters.  


nic m.jpg
Master Grade - 2017 NIC
Grant Taylor - Silver
Ryan Taylor - Gold
Helen Freiman - Bronze


nic a.jpg
A Grade - 2017 NIC
Lanelle McArthur - Silver
Peter McCallum - Gold
Jeanette Kinsey - Bronze


nic b.jpg
B Grade - 2017 NIC
Samantha Riddle - Bronze
(Ben Neuman - Gold)
(Enrie Malushnig - SIlver)


nic c.jpg
C Grade - 2017 NIC
Michaela Smith - Gold
Meaghan Reesby - Bronze =
(Jim Dann - Silver)
(Erin Little - Bronze =)


nic d.jpg
D Grade - 2017 NIC
Shania Harrison-Lee - Gold
Greg Bengston - Silver
(Rick Black - Bronze)


Congratulations to all our winners of the 2017 TSNZ National Indoor Championships. 

Total entry numbers were up on last year, and with all the results coming through very quickly, a huge thanks must go to all the organisers around the country.

Master Grade was taken out by Ryan Taylor, very closely followed by Grant Taylor, and Helen Freiman was third place on countback from Pratik Tailor.   A special mention goes to Ryan and Grant who both scored 400 – well done to you both.

In A Grade, Peter McCallum took first place, followed by Lanelle McArthur in second and Jeanette Kinsey in third.

B Grade had Ben Neumann, Ernie Maluschnig and Samantha Riddle placed first, second and third.

In C Grade we had two shooters on equal scores who couldn’t be separated on countback.  Michaela Smith was first, Jim Dann came second, and Erin Little and Meggy Reesby were third equal.  Both Erin and Meggy will be receiving medals and 3rd place prize money.

D Grade places were also very close, with first and second place being separated only on inners.  Shania Harrison-Lee took first place, Greg Bengston came second and Rick Black was third

Prize money of $145, $125 and $100 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, plus further prize money depending on entries in each grade, will be sent to shooters via the Associations where they shot, once all entry fees have been sent into TSNZ. 

Medals will be sent to shooters, and you are encouraged to arrange to have these presented at a suitable Club or Association event.  If this is done, please send in photos for the website so we can properly celebrate our very first year of NIC medals.




National Indoor Champs (NIC) are shot every year in early August at a number of host ranges throughout NZ.  



All TSNZ-affiliated shooters are eligible to compete in NIC, and as entries are taken on the day,
you just need to roll up to your closest venue and enter.  

Prize money is paid out in each Grade to 1st ($145), 2nd ($125) and 3rd ($100) places,
plus further places depending on how many shooters enter that grade,
so the more entries the more prize money is paid out.

And in 2017,  for the first time,  there are medals for 1st - 3rd in all grades


  TSNZ_Medals_0000_Gold.png                 TSNZ_Medals_0001_Silver.png              TSNZ_Medals_0002_Bronze.png