Lenz Compression Performance Underwear - Women

Lenz Compression Performance Underwear
The special manufacturing technique ensures optimum stabilisation of the muscle. The innovative compression knitting technology perfectly keeps the muscle in form. Thus it reduces muscle vibrations and boosts the circulation. No unnecessary stress is put on the
musculature, which is also supplied with more oxygen. This means that signs of fatigue which accompany physical exertion occur later – for increased energy and performance.

• S.E.P. supports
• compression knit technology
• ideal moisture transfer
• quick drying time
• odourless
• supports the natural position of the body
• 1st layer of modern sportswear

• 70 % nylon
• 25 % polypropylene
• 5 % spandex

Item Nr.:171D Women longsleeve  black / fuchsia  size XS - L

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