MEC Mark 1.22 Stock

Special stock for smallbore standing, 3P or supported 

  • The optimum for the ambitious smallbore shooter
  • All the advantages of the air rifle stock, in addition to which the complete butt-end with grip can be swapped between the positions
  • Can at any time be set up for shooting in supported mode
  • Supplied with grip and cheekpiece
  • Additional accessories available separately (e.g. butt plate, fore-end raiser, supported rail)
  • Picture shows optional accessories

The frame consists of a highly rigid moulding, all the parts have been machined. This guarantees homogeneous vibration and grouping performance. The adjustments are easy and secure, and can mostly be made in position and in a single step. 

The Mark I is made to suit the air rifle actions of WALTHER, Feinwerkbau and Anschütz, the Mark I .22  is for all well-known smallbore actions. From the outset, the construction of the MARK I has taken the special requirements of air rifle 3-positions and supported shooting into account. Fore-end, grip variations and the innovations for cheekpiece and weight distribution are just a few of the details which make shooting from a tripod rest significantly easier. 

The younger three-positions shooters benefit from the flat fore-end with built in handstop rail, which makes sensible positions in the sling disciplines possible. The minumum stock length is very short, which helps the youngest shooters.   Between positions, the changeover  can  be   completed  in  a  few  moments and with no great   difficulty a big relief for over-stressed parents and coaches.  

In all versions of the Mark 1 stock, the butt of the rifle can be adjusted on many levels. In every case, this is relatively simple and can be managed from within the shooting position.  The requirements of supported (bench-rest) shooters have been especially catered for, for example by allowing the buttplate to be tilted downwards.

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