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September 4th 2019



Late last night TSNZ received advice from our Eley suppliers, Shooting Stuff, that they will no longer supply TSNZs Indent Order system. 

Shooting Stuff tell us this is due to TSNZ being unwilling to commit to minimum order amounts of Tenex.  Despite TSNZ agreeing to the provided minimums for Eley Match and Team, the minimum stated by Shooting Stuff for Tenex was over two times the last year’s sales of that ammunition, and committing TSNZ to this financial outlay was clearly not possible or sensible.   On asking for updated pricing based on this, TSNZ received only notice that Shooting Stuff have decided to cease the Eley Ammunition distribution arrangement between Shooting Stuff and Target Shooting New Zealand.

However, a BULK AMMUNITION ORDER can still be made through TSNZ this year as we hold sufficient stocks to supply this,
and information on how this can be done will be coming out very soon. 


Please note the following:

  • ONLY ammunition sold by TSNZ will be able to be provided freight-free through TSNZ’s Ammunition Agent system.
  • TSNZ has not provided any Member contact information to any suppliers, so if you receive direct emails it will because you have dealt with them personally in the past.
  • This action by Shooting Stuff severely impacts on TSNZ’s budget and ability to provide services to members, however the Executive will be working hard on sourcing other ammunition and suppliers for the future.

Please continue to support TSNZ with your ammunition orders

as any profit made returned directly to services for you, our Members.