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Outdoor Nationals

February 23rd 2020

Day 1 of the 2020 Outdoor Nationals in Tokoroa started with 3P practice.  Our eight 3P shooters seemed to make the most of the great conditions, conditions which sadly were not to last out the day.

The Badge Match came next, with Squad One having to deal with some strong breezes. The new bright orange flags were a challenge for some, with the swivels making them spin merrily in the sunshine.  Squad Two had lots of mirage followed by a torrential downpour!  Well done to those two shooters who had to be moved due to wet targets not rolling through, and to the target-markers who manned the hairdriers (including Martin’s) so they could be marked.

Congratulations to the top scores in the Grades:

A Grade – Martin Hunt
B Grade – Stephanie McNair
C Grade – Aidan Lynch
D Grade – Rudolf Britz


Monday, Day 2,  is the match day for 3P, followed by another prone practice.  Benchrest matches also start on Day 2.



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