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Outdoor Nationals

February 25th 2020

Day 3 of the 2020 Outdoor Nationals in Tokoroa and the Waikato heat really kicked in, after a slightly chilly start.  Squad 1 of the day probably got the worst of the breezes, but the mirage picked up as the day wore on, and many of the shooters in the last squad came off the mound looking totally wrung out.

This was the first day of the Graded competition, which will be completed with Graded 2 being shot tomorrow (Wednesday).  For the first day the A Graders shot first, followed by B Graders, then C and D Graders combined.  For the second part of this aggregate match tomorrow the shooting order and mounds will all be switched around, to make it as fair as possible for all.

These were big squads, with 21 shooters in the B and C/D matches, so a huge WELL DONE to the markers who got final results out within 50 minutes of the end of each squad - the three DISAG electronic marking machines running all together were practically smoking.


Congratulations to the top scorers of the first Graded match day:

A Grade – Helen Freiman
B Grade – Stephanie McNair
C Grade – David Green
D Grade – Rudolf Britz



day 3 _ 4.jpg


day 3 _ 8.jpg


day 3 _ 7.jpg


day 3 _ 6.jpg


day 3 _ 5.jpg


day 3 _ 12.jpg


day 3 _ 13.jpg


day 3 _ 3.jpg


day 3 _ 14.jpg


The Benchrest competition was into its second day today, with more shooters arriving to compete.  While some have now finished their 3 matches, others have even to start, so more scores will be added over the next two days.




day 3 _ 11.jpg


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