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Outdoor Nationals

March 2nd 2020

The final day of the 2020 Outdoor Nationals at Tokoroa started seriously and ended in hilarity.  The first two matches of the day saw the International teams shooting for Slazenger, Wakefield and Drew scores – this was the serious part.  Some new NZ Record scores were shot by our Juniors, with Stephanie McNair top-scoring with a 623.0 in the Slazenger/Wakefield, and Shania Harrison-Lee with a new whole score record of 597 in the Drew match - well done to you both.



The day then descended into chaos (as is usual at this point in the Nationals) with the Association Teams match being accompanied by loud music and dancing, distractions from team-mates and onlookers (including Janet the Bubble Fairy), various penalties for missing gear and other infractions, and the one shooting last (renamed King Julian) being totally bombarded with noise and his fruit-crown.  This event is great fun for all, and the shooters did incredibly well to manage the scores that they did.  The results are on the pre-penalty scores, so as to make the event fair for all.

Congratulations to Manawatu Marauders who topped the Open section, and The Followers of King Julian (also from Manawatu) who won the Graded section.



PHOTOS – the team photos that were taken at the presentation dinner can be ordered and paid for through the TSNZ Office.  Cost is $15 each for A4 laminated photos, plus $5 postage (you can combine a number of photos into this). 

Order forms will be available soon.  So you can figure out what you want to order, teams and shooter numbers are:

Slazenger (22) / Wakefield (10) / North Island (11) / South Island (11) / Women (5) / Randle (12) / Junior Drew (10) / Drew Men (3) / Drew Women (3) / Juniors vs Australia (3)

Other informal photos taken by Jackie during the week will be available soon too.


Many thanks to Waikato and all their workers for hosting a great event. 
The crowd that camped at the range had a fantastic social time along with their shooting, and probably had even forgotten the first 2 days of torrential rain by the end. 
Bruce Marchant has now done his last stint as TSNZ Liaison Officer, and is thanked sincerely for all the work he has put into that over the years.

See you all in CHRISTCHURCH in 2021.