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Outdoor Nationals Day 2

February 23rd 2021

Day 2 started off cold and calm, and by the time the 3rd squad had shot it was hot (32 degrees) and windy, with the added challenge of dust storms blowing over the range from the Pistol building site next door.  We're happy to hear that the trucks will now be staying away for the rest of the week, so hopefully there'll be no repeats of this.

The first part of the Graded Match was shot today, along with the start of the Benchrest competition.  There was also some hard work going on behind the scenes over on the NZDA range to set up targets for the Women’s Randle Match – many thanks to Martin, Robbie, and Murphy for taking this on.



day 2 _ janet.jpg


day 2 _ 2 shooters.jpg



day 2 _ alistair.jpg




day 2 _ dave.jpg




day 2 _ targets.jpg




day 2 _ benchrest 2.jpg




day 2 _ benchrest 1.jpg


day 2 _ nzda.jpg


day 2 _ dust.jpg

day 2 _ dust.jpg