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Arms Act changes

March 30th 2021


More changes to the Arms Act 1983 are now being proposed by the NZ Police, and all TSNZ Members, Clubs, and Associations are strongly encouraged to become involved in the consultation process that is now open.   

The changes, which are expected to come into force on 24 June 2021, affect:

  • Dealer activities and conditions

  • Security precautions for firearm license holders

  • Security precautions when transporting firearms

  • Requirements for ammunition sellers

  • Background checks for licence applicants who have lived outside New Zealand; and

  • Other matters such as gun parts, conversion kits, and mail and internet purchases.

Some of these matters will directly affect our Clubs and how we can run, so it is important for as many of our Members as possible to take the time to read through the Proposals. 

How you can become involved in making a Submission:

  1. The TSNZ Executive is currently putting together an official submission that Members will be able to add their names to in support;

  2. Members, Clubs and Associations are encouraged to make their own submissions.


The closing date for submissions is 25th April (ANZAC Day).


Please don’t let the opportunity to be involved in this important issue pass you by!