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Air Rifle Challenge

August 5th 2022


TSNZ 2022 Air Rifle Challenge


-  Well done to all those that shot their July match for the Air Rifle Challenge.    CLICK HERE for a PDF of the Results.

Entries for the challenge are still open, so get your forms quick - scroll down for the entry form.

Have fun shooting in August!


air rifle challenge 2022 _ results 1_page_0001.jpg


The Air Rifle Challenge Postal is back for 2022.  The competition runs over 6 months (July - December), with one match being shot each month.  Only 4 matches are needed to compete, so even if you've missed a month or 2, you can still get involved.  For those who shoot 5 or 6 months, their lowest scores are discarded, leaving the top 4 in the match.


Sections are Men, Women, Junior Men, Junior Women, and New Shooter (started Air Rifle after 1.10.21).

 There are awards in each Section for the Top Shooter, Top Single Match Score, Top 10-Shot String, and Most Improved.  

Shooters who enter will have their scores put into all sections they qualify for, and scores will be shared here monthly. 

For those that will be shooting on paper targets, the return postal address for shot targets will be given out on receipt of your entry form.

Click here to enter: