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North v South

July 7th 2023

The 2023 N v S programme was discussed at the Executive Meeting on 6th July.  Since announcing the programme provided by Hosts Canterbury Association to Members, both the Executive and the office have received much feedback, both positive and negative, towards the key change of having some teams shoot on the Friday.   There was particular mention of the announcement of this being so close to the match date, requiring many to have to revise travel arrangements. 

The result of the Executive Meeting is that the current Rules do not allow matches to be shot on the Friday as they state: “The Inter-Island Open, Women, Men, Junior and Veteran matches shall be held annually during the weekend of PLUS 11”.  The definition of a “weekend” is Saturday and Sunday only.

The 2023 N v S programme has now been revised to provide this, with matches only being shot on the Saturday and Sunday.

CLICK HERE for the NEW 2023 North v South Programme

The reasonings behind CTSA’s initial programme have been noted, and as a result, an Executive Remit is now being drafted to allow future Hosts the ability to make some changes which would be presented to the Executive for approval well in advance of the match, in the same way the Outdoor Nationals programme is managed.  It will then be up to the Members at the AGM to decide if this is the format they wish to follow in the future.