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Air Rifle Champs

August 31st 2023

On the 26th of August Christchurch Target Shooting Association held its first Air Rifle weekend.
On Saturday numerous shooters competed in a 60-shot match which was followed by a full Open Final.
There was also a 30-shot match option to help introduce some of the newer shooters to the competition environment.
Saturday saw several new shooters making their debut and a few shooters re-joining.


1st - Issy Adams (Women)

1st - Shaun Jeffery (Mens)

1st - Stephanie McNair (Junior)

Open Final 1st - Shania Harrison-Lee


Sunday 27th was an open range day for training. There was a fantastic turnout of experienced shooters, new shooters and even a few people who wanted to give the sport a go.

It is great to see another Air Rifle match added to the calendar and well done to all the shooters and organisers involved in the weekend.




Issy Adams, Shania Harrison-Lee, Shaun Jeffery