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NDC 2023

September 1st 2023


Congratulations to the NDC winners for 2023:

A League Division 1 - The Plainsmen

A League Division 2 - Canterbury Snipers

B League - The Titans


The Canterbury Snipers won Promotion into Division 1 against Hutt Valley Hawkes, who will move into Division 2 for the 2024 Season


Thank you to everyone involved in NDC for 2023 - Co-ordinators, markers, range staff, shooters, and especially the Selectors, a task which is extremely difficult and often thank-less. 
And a big thank you to Alison Fursdon for her role as NDC Co-ordinator


A League, Division 1 - Despite gaining 2 bonus points for Harry Lange and Bryn Blacklaws  Junior 100's, the Eastern Force were not enough to overcome the Plainsmen.  The Open teams have a mere 2 point difference, but the Eastern Force's Composite team were trounced by 22 points, with the Plainsmen coming away with an 11-5 win and become the A League Division 1 winners for 2023.  This is one of the higher scoring matches this season with 3 bonus points between the 2 teams, the extra point to the Plainmen's Martin Quigley for his
Junior 100.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 - The Canterbury Snipers pulled off a good win over the Wellington Tigers. The Snipers lead the Open Squad by 6 points, then the Tigers took the Composite Squad by 5 points to be 5/4 to the Snipers.  The Juniors squads held the deciding scores, with the Snipers leading the Tigers by 12 to gather the points for the win.  Bex Baines' amazing 300.24 was the highlight of the evening, eclipsing Shania Harrison-Lee's 299.25 and Pratik Tailor's 299.20.  Congratulations to the Canterbury Snipers, winning 9:5 and becoming the 2023 A League Division 2 Champions.
The other match of the evening was the Promotion/Relegation with the Hutt Valley Hawkes playing against the winner of the Final - the Canterbury Snipers, who pulled off a 10:3 win over the Hawkes. The Snipers will start in Division 1 in 2024, while the Hawkes will start in Division 2.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League -  The Titans pulled off a closely fought win over the Jaffas.  The Jaffas led the Open Squad by 7 points, then the Titans took the Composite Squad by 18 points to be 5/4 to the Jaffas. The Development squads were Oh So Close - 393.19 to 393.23 to the Titans, a mere 4 inners between them. So, congratulations to the Titans for their 8:5 win over the Jaffas to
become the 2023 B League Champions.


Alison Fursdon
NDC Co-ordinator