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TSNZ Ammo Indent

October 16th 2023

Indent forms and pricing for Eley ammunition will be available by 1st November,
and emails will be sent out to Associations, Clubs and Members then with further details.

Indent pricing is expected to be close to the current stock prices, apart from Tenex which will need to increase. 
Indent orders and payments will be due back at TSNZ by 30th November.

Also on 1st November prices of ammunition currently held in TSNZ stock will increase by approximately 10-15%, in line with expected prices in 2024.

However ammunition purchased and paid for prior to 1st November can be obtained at the current prices.

Please arrange any purchases through your local TSNZ Ammunition Agents.

Log on to the MEMBERS / AMMUNITION section of our website www.tsnz.nz for current prices and Agent details.