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Outdoor Nationals Day 4

February 22nd 2024


Day 4 of the TSNZ Outdoor Nationals is a very busy one.  The weather played nice pretty much all day, although it was hot and lots of shooters looked wrung out by the end.

First up was the Womens National Championship Match - congratulations to Janet for the win this year with an excellent score.  The scores from this match are combined with the 2 Graded Match scores to select the Randle Team who shoot against USA and UK, and the Womens team to shoot against Australia.

 CLICK HERE for the Womens National Match Results 

CLICK HERE for Randle Team

CLICK HERE for NZ Womens Team v Australia

Next up were the two Mens National Match Elimination squads.  The top 11 shooters from the first squad and 9 from the second move through to the Mens Qualifying Match tomorrow.  Well done to all those who qualified.

CLICK HERE for the Mens Elimination Match Results

CLICK HERE for the MENS QUALIFICATION SQUADDING for tomorrow - 10am start


Scores from both the Mens and Womens National matches are used to select our other International teams - the Slazenger to shoot against Australia, the Wakefield to shoot against UK and USA, and the Drew Junior Teams to shoot against UK and USA.

CLICK HERE for Slazenger and Wakefield Teams

CLICK HERE for Junior Drew Teams

The scores are also used to select the North Island and South Island Teams, who will shoot shoulder to shoulder against each other tomorrow afternoon.

CLICK HERE for the Island Teams

CLICK HERE for the ISLAND TEAM SQUADDING for tomorrow - 2pm start

The final event for the day was the Womens Randle Trophy match, where the team shoot at 100yds and 50yds.  This is an International match that NZ started competing in again only a few years ago and is greatly enjoyed by all those who take part.  Results are only announced later in the year as our opponents in USA and UK shoot much later than us, with the competition only closing on 31st December.


PHOTOS are still to come from the day.