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Outdoor Nationals

February 27th 2024

The Final Day of the 2024 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals, and there appeared to be some tired shooters (and helpers) after a long week. 

The first events were the international matches, with the full squad of 22 shooting the Slazenger and the top 10 of those also for the Wakefield matches at the same time, followed by the 6 Juniors who were in the Drew Teams but not the Slazenger.  There were some excellent scores achieved, and Martin Hunt gained the top score in the Slazenger with 626.5 / 597.  The results of the Slazenger Match and others against Australia are in Decimals, but the Wakefield and Drew matches are in Whole Scores as those are UK matches.

CLICK HERE for International Match RESULTS


The last event held is the Association Teams match.  Squads of 3 shoot 20 shots each in the 60-shot match as they are scoped by one of their team-mates.  Lots of distraction takes place, with each team trying to put the others off their stride, and the spectators take part in this also - banging of drums, loud music, the occasional bit of flying brass ..... anything goes.  This is always a fun match and really tests the shooters' ability to block out their surroundings.  Teams are either Open or Graded, and results are only announced at the Presentation Dinner.  Well done to Manawatu for winning the Open, and Southern Hawkes Bay 1 for taking out the Graded competition.

CLICK HERE for Association Team RESULTS


We then move on to the Presentation Dinner, where formal team photos are taken, and shooters receive pockets, badges, date bars and trophies for their efforts over the week.

CLICK HERE for the 2024 Outdoor Nationals Presentation List


Many thanks to Wanganui and Southern Hawkes Bay Associations and all their helpers for putting on a great event at the Manawatu Range.


Outdoor Nationals 2025 will be hosted by Waikato Association and held in TOKOROA

- this is again in the North Island to re-align the Indoor and Outdoor Nationals into opposite Islands as this had changed over the Covid period.