Prism block Tower 27-38 for Anschutz ahg 6928

The robust two-sided toothed profile of the prism block TOWER allows a simple and sturdy adjustment in 8 stages without spacers and discs.

This offers many advantages especially when in standing or kneeling position. Head movement when aiming is reduced to a minimum and thus largely avoids tensions in the neck and back.

The basic height is 27 mm and can be raised by 1.5 mm to max. 38 mm.

Due to the long rail of the TOWER, the rear sight can be moved closer to the eye, which is an advantage for benchrest shooters.

The TOWER is clamped onto the rifle’s prism with spring-borne clips.

Total weight: approx. 120 g

Item No:  6928 (for all Anschütz rifles)



Buy Prism block Tower 27-38 for Anschutz ahg 6928 in NZ.