Thermo Star ahg 127

5-finger glove. The latest generation of shooting gloves from ahg-Anschütz. It offers you the advantages which become evident during competition: 

  • With the net material at the back of the hand and on the palm and with air ventilation holes at the fingers an optimum temperature circulation is reached to avoid excessive heat in the glove.
  • Due to the use of latest high-tech materials the back of the hand is reinforced, the wrist is stabilized in addition.
  • There is a damping material from the back of the hand to the palm. The pressure of the handstop is thus evenly distributed in prone position.
  • TOP GRIP material avoids any sliding of the gun.

XS, S, M, L, XL.

6% leather, 60% rubber, 6% rubber band, 20% PU und 8% polyamid. 

Inner lining: 
34% wool, 33% viscose and 33% polyacryl. 

Top Grip 

For right hand shooters only.

Item Number 127 




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