National District Championships 

2023 NDC


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ROUND 2 Results - 18th May


A League, Division 1 - The top scoring team in this round is Easten Force taking 14 points, including a bonus point for Kirsten Birrell's 200.13 in her double. There were 13x 100's shot in this round, including one for Hutt Valley Hawkes Junior Isaac Junc's 100.06. The spread of scores in this round was 46, which is less than one point per card, so the scores are still very tight.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 - The Canterbury Snipers had an excellent evening scoring 15 points, including 2 bonus for Junior 100's from Stephanie McNair (100.07) and Ryan Booth (100.4).   Bex Baines shot a very fine 200.15 in her double to gain Wellington Tigers a bonus point.  A bonus point has been belatedly added for Ryan Booth's junior 100 in the first round for the Canterbury Snipers.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League - The Jaffas top scored for this round with 14 points, trailing Wanganui Warriors who have had their double header. Mark Clapson (298.22) and Cam Colson (298.15) top scored for this round, with Cam earning his team, Otago Blue and Golds, a bonus point for his junior 100.7.  Abby Peirce also earned her team of the Jaffas a bonus point for her junior 100.05.  There were 11x 100's shot in B League, 5 of them by the Jaffas.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon


ROUND 1 Results - 27th April


A League, Division 1 - Congratulations to the Marlborough Suns for top scoring in this round of the points table, and to Kirsten Birrell for her fine 298.20 to top score for the evening.  There were ten 100's shot last night over the 6 teams in this league, 4 in the Plainsmen team alone, but no bonus points at all in this round.  I have listed all the scorers over 296 in this round, rather than just the top 5 as the quality of shooting must be congratulated.  I have listed the top junior in each team, who all had very fine scores. There was a 10 point spread over the total team scores and a mere 24 inners from the top to bottom teams, which shows which shows how even the teams are.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 - Congratulations to Nelson Gunz for top scoring in this round, and to Neil Kinsey for his excellent 299.18, and Stephanie McNair (shooting for the Canterbury Sniper this season) for her fine 196.13.  There were five 100's shot in this division, Neil Kinsey shooting 2 of them.  I have listed all scores over 296 to highlight the quality of shooting across this league, and the top junior in each team.  Taranaki were handicapped by only having 2 juniors, but still managed to collect 4 points from their composite team.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League - Congratulations to the Southland Centurions for their clean sweep at the top of the table for this round, and to James Cheesman from the other end of the country for his almost perfect 299.19 - I am betting that last point was well scrutinised and lamented over.  There were eleven 100's shot in this round, five of them by the Jaffas.  Charlotte McKenzie shot a great 197.11 to lead the juniors.  The Hutt Valley Wasps were unable to feild a team, but a double header meant that the Wanganui Warriors still had a match to play, against the new team in the league, Ellesmere Swans.  Last season this league struggled along with 4 teams, while this season we have had 6 teams play in this round, and it promises to be fierce competition.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon


NDC Dates 2023

Round 1 - 27 April

Round 2 - 18 May

Round 3 - 8 June

Round 4 - 29 June

Round 5 - 20 July

Semi Final - 10 August

Final - 31 August

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