National District Championships 


NDC 2024

Thanks to all those who have entered NDC for 2024.  

Sadly, Otago Blue and Golds and the Hutt Valley Wasps have not joined us this season, and with the renamed Auckland team, The A Team, entering in the A league, the B League for 2024 is down to 4 teams, and so rounds 1 and 2 will be repeated to make up the 5 rounds of NDC.

The A League Division 2 are joined by The A Team from Auckland, making 5 teams in this league, so each team will host a single and a double header across the NDC season.

The A league Division 1 has 6 teams, who face each other once.

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NDC Rules have been assessed at the end of the previous season as usual, and a few minor changes made and agreed by the Executive.
The live-scoring that was used so successfully last year is now mentioned in the Rules,
but the phone calls that everyone seemed to so enjoy with their Opposition at the end of the night will still be taking place.
There is also a mention of how Emergencies should be managed.

All 2024 changes are in RED Type in the Rules, apart from the Version changes for the TSNZ Indoor Rules

NOTE THAT THE 2024 NDC ENTRY FEE IS $50 per team - this was incorrect on the original entry form, but is updated in (V2) above.
The fee was voted to increase from $35 to $50 at the 2022 AGM but was not actually applied in 2023.


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NDC Dates 2024

Round 1 - 25 April 

Round 2 - 16 May

Round 3 - 6 June

Round 4 - 27 June

Round 5 - 18 July

Semi Final - 8 August

Final - 29 August


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2023 NDC

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NDC 2023 - Final RESULTS - 31 August


Congratulations to the NDC winners for 2023:

A League Division 1 - The Plainsmen

A League Division 2 - Canterbury Snipers

B League - The Titans


The Canterbury Snipers won Promotion into Division 1 against Hutt Valley Hawkes, who will move into Division 2 for the 2024 Season


Thank you to everyone involved in NDC for 2023 - Co-ordinators, markers, range staff, shooters, and especially the Selectors, a task which is extremely difficult and often thank-less. 
And a big thank you to Alison Fursdon for her role as NDC Co-ordinator


A League, Division 1 - Despite gaining 2 bonus points for Harry Lange and Bryn Blacklaws  Junior 100's, the Eastern Force were not enough to overcome the Plainsmen.  The Open teams have a mere 2 point difference, but the Eastern Force's Composite team were trounced by 22 points, with the Plainsmen coming away with an 11-5 win and become the A League Division 1 winners for 2023.  This is one of the higher scoring matches this season with 3 bonus points between the 2 teams, the extra point to the Plainmen's Martin Quigley for his
Junior 100.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 - The Canterbury Snipers pulled off a good win over the Wellington Tigers. The Snipers lead the Open Squad by 6 points, then the Tigers took the Composite Squad by 5 points to be 5/4 to the Snipers.  The Juniors squads held the deciding scores, with the Snipers leading the Tigers by 12 to gather the points for the win.  Bex Baines' amazing 300.24 was the highlight of the evening, eclipsing Shania Harrison-Lee's 299.25 and Pratik Tailor's 299.20.  Congratulations to the Canterbury Snipers, winning 9:5 and becoming the 2023 A League Division 2 Champions.
The other match of the evening was the Promotion/Relegation with the Hutt Valley Hawkes playing against the winner of the Final - the Canterbury Snipers, who pulled off a 10:3 win over the Hawkes. The Snipers will start in Division 1 in 2024, while the Hawkes will start in Division 2.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League -  The Titans pulled off a closely fought win over the Jaffas.  The Jaffas led the Open Squad by 7 points, then the Titans took the Composite Squad by 18 points to be 5/4 to the Jaffas. The Development squads were Oh So Close - 393.19 to 393.23 to the Titans, a mere 4 inners between them. So, congratulations to the Titans for their 8:5 win over the Jaffas to
become the 2023 B League Champions.


Alison Fursdon
NDC Co-ordinator

NDC Semi-Final RESULTS - 11 August


What a night!  There were 12 teams competing in semi finals across the 3 leagues.  There were 31x 100's shot, with oh so close 299's shot by Shania Harrison-Lee (299.23, who split her 100's so didn't gain a bonus point), Martin Hunt (299.20) and Chris Harrison (299.18) who gained bonus points for their teams.


The Finalists for this 2023 NDC season are:

A League Division 1 - Plainsmen vs Eastern Force

A League Division 2 - Wellington Tigers vs Canterbury Snipers

Promotion relegation match will be the winners of Division 2 vs Hutt Valley Hawkes.

B League - The Titans vs The Jaffas


A League, Division 1 - Although Martin Hunt may have top scored for the evening with his 299.20, and his Open team took 5 points, the Manawatu Marauders could not quite pull off the win, and The Plainsmen are through to the Final, due to their Composite and Junior teams pulling off excellent wins.  Also through to the final is Eastern Force, who also did not have it all their own way.  Chris Harrison pulled out a 299.18, but this was not enough to pull off a clean sweep over the Waikato Thoroughbreds, with the Composite and Junior teams leading the way to the finals for Eastern Force.  The Final will be an entertaining match between The Plainsmen and Eastern Force. The Promotion/Relegation match will be between the Hutt Valley Hawkes and the winner of the second division match in the final.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 -  A dramatic tie between the Nelson Gunz and the Wellington Tigers - a 7-7 draw.  Out with the rule book to determine who is through to the Final against the Canterbury Snipers, who had a comprehensive win over the Taranaki Tigers.  Rule 9.3 Tie breaking - In the event of a Points Tie in the Semi Finals, the Total Team Score will determine the winner.  I declare that the Wellington Tigers will host the Canterbury Snipers in the Final.  The winner of the Finals will face the Hutt Valley Hawkes in the Promotion/Relegation match.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League -  In their first year in this competition, the Auckland Jaffas had a comprehensive win over the other first timers, Ellesmere Swans. The Titans did not quite have it all their own way, with the Wanganui Warriors composite team taking 4 points. With just one point between their teams scores, the final will be an exciting match to watch between The Jaffas and The Titans.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon

Top Scorers for 2023


 Please join me in congratulating Martin Hunt for his narrow win over Neil Kinsey by 1 point and 1 inner, and Stephanie McNair by 5 points over Sean Moriarty for the Juniors.

There has been some exceptionally fine shooting this season.

Alison Fursdon
NDC Co-ordinator

v2 ndc top scorers 2023.jpg


The draw for the semi final to be held on August 10th is as follows, with the host named first:


A League - Division 1

Waikato Thoroughbreds vs Eastern Force

Manawatu Marauders vs The Plainsmen


A League - Division 2

Taranaki Tigers vs Canterbury Snipers

Nelson Gunz vs Wellington Tigers


B League

Ellesmere Swans vs Auckland Jaffas

Wanganui Warriors vs The Titans


ROUND 5 Results -  20th July


A League, Division 1 - Wow, what a night! 100's from juniors Sean Moriarty, 100.7, and Blake Allison, 100.6, and Kerry Williams' first 100.10.  There were 20x 100's shot in this league.  Easten Force have continued their fine form, and Kirsten Birrel's 2x 100's certainly helped seal the deal to win the Round Robin a clear 7 points ahead of their nearest rivals The Plainsmen. The tie for 3rd place is decided by Rule 9.2 - the position in the semi finals is decided by the result of the match when they met in round robin series, so the Manawatu Marauders had the better finishing fourth round over the Waikato Thoroughbreds to take 3rd place.  The Marlborough Suns have sealed their place in Division 1 for next season and the Hutt Valley Hawkes
will be in the Promotion Relegation against the on fire Canterbury Snipers, on the same night as the finals (Rule 12.1).

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 -  Denva Wren continues to help the Canterbury Snipers dominate the table with her 2 bonus points, with her 100.10 as a part of her 200.17 in the double, and with Sam Whitcombe's 100.05 in the juniors the Snipers came away with a very impressive 16 points to completely dominate this league, finishing 19 points clear of their nearest rivals the Wellington Tigers. The Snipers will certainly be odd's on favourites for the promotion relegation in the final round against the Hutt Valley Hawkes.  For such a tiny league there were
an impressive 15x 100's shot in this round.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League -  In their first season in NDC, both the Jaffas and the Ellesmere Swans have acquited themselves very well, with the Jaffas winning this Round Robin phase of the League and the Ellesmere Swans coming 4th.  The Titans certainly gave a titan performance this round, coming away with 14 points, with their bonus point for Charlotte McKenzie's junior 100.05, but
this was not enough to challenge the Jaffas for the top of the table.  The Wanganui Warriors, who dropped down from the A league for this season were 3rd.  James Jewell picked up a bonus point for his excellent 100.10, and Tony Baylor shot a 100.09 and a 100.08, but split them between his 10 and his 20 shot cards, so no bonus point there.  The HV Wasps finally
managed to gain 4 points with their composite win against the Jaffas.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon



ROUND 4 Results -  29th June


A League, Division 1 - There was some fine shooting last night with Martin Hunt shooting 100.09 as part of his 299.21.  Janet Hunt shot a fabulous 200.12 to pick up a bonus point for Manawatu, and in the Juniors Martin Quigley shot an excellent 100.07 as a part of his 199.11 to gain a bonus point for the Plainsmen.  There were 13 x 100's shot in this division, with 6 of them coming from Manawatu. Several coordinators were struggling to fill their teams due to illness and this has shown in the teams scores this round, but having said that, the top juniors all shot fabulous scores and are a credit to their coaches, Clubs, and Associations.

A League Div 1 RESULTS - updated


A League, Division 2 -  Congratulations to Dave Fake for his 100.10 as a part of his 200.16 / 299.21 to gain 2 bonus points for Taranaki for each of the 2 matches played last night.  Jason Cameron also shot a 299.21 but split his hundreds between his single and double.  Stephanie McNair shot a 100.09 as a part of her 297.22 to top score for Canterbury.  She shot on her home range as she is on a Uni break.  Rob Taylor of the Wellington Tigers shot a 200.10 to also gain a bonus point as a part of his 298.15.  While this may be Division 2, there is no shortage of excellent shooters.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League -  There were 6 x 100's shot in this round, 3 of them by Jaffas, shot by Steve Petterson (1) and James Cheeseman (2) who had the top scores for this round.  In the Development squads, Madi Tourle shot a fine 196.09 closely followed by Alex Stephens 195.07.  Junior Cam Colson gained a bonus point for Otago Blue and Golds with his 100.03 in the Open team.
There were a mere 6 inners between the Ellesmere Swans (2695.110) and the Southland Centurions (2695.104).  Although the Swans managed the total team point, the Centurions Composite and Development outscored their counterparts to grab the win on the night 7-6.  The Titans continue to lead the table on 60 points, but the Jaffas had their double header this week and are now just 2 points behind.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon



ROUND 3 Results -  8th June


A League, Division 1 - Eastern Force still lead the way with their win over the Marlborough Suns, but none in this round had a clean sweep. There were 23 shooters with scores over 295. Martin Hunt had a narrow 2 inner win over Owen Bennet to top this rounds Top Scores. Interestingly in the Juniors, 2 of the Plainsmen and 2 of the Marlborough Suns shot the same scores to have 8 juniors on the table from 6 teams.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 - I was collating the scores and had a wow moment with Denva Wren's 100.10 as a part of her 200.15 on her 20-shot cards, until I looked at Pratik Tailor's 300.21. Congratulations to both for a fine evenings work. There were 11x 100's shot in this league, with Pratik and Denva shooting 5 of them!  Stephanie McNair continues to dominate the Juniors with her 198.14.  With Denva and Stephanie in their team, it is little wonder that Canterbury Snipers came away with 15 points to lead the table with 36 points. The Tigers derby between Wellington and Taranaki was a 7-all draw

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League - The Titans had their double header, winning both and gaining 25 points to rocket to the top of the table, over the Wanganui Warriors who had their double header in the first round.  The Jaffas, who are on equal points with the Warriors, will have their double header next round.  Alister Campbell top scored for the evening, pipping Gavin Riddle by an inner.
The top Development shooter was Zara Shannon with an excellent 197.10.  There were 12x 100's shot.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon



ROUND 2 Results - 18th May


A League, Division 1 - The top scoring team in this round is Easten Force taking 14 points, including a bonus point for Kirsten Birrell's 200.13 in her double. There were 13x 100's shot in this round, including one for Hutt Valley Hawkes Junior Isaac Junc's 100.06. The spread of scores in this round was 46, which is less than one point per card, so the scores are still very tight.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 - The Canterbury Snipers had an excellent evening scoring 15 points, including 2 bonus for Junior 100's from Stephanie McNair (100.07) and Ryan Booth (100.4).   Bex Baines shot a very fine 200.15 in her double to gain Wellington Tigers a bonus point.  A bonus point has been belatedly added for Ryan Booth's junior 100 in the first round for the Canterbury Snipers.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League - The Jaffas top scored for this round with 14 points, trailing Wanganui Warriors who have had their double header. Mark Clapson (298.22) and Cam Colson (298.15) top scored for this round, with Cam earning his team, Otago Blue and Golds, a bonus point for his junior 100.7.  Abby Peirce also earned her team of the Jaffas a bonus point for her junior 100.05.  There were 11x 100's shot in B League, 5 of them by the Jaffas.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon


ROUND 1 Results - 27th April


A League, Division 1 - Congratulations to the Marlborough Suns for top scoring in this round of the points table, and to Kirsten Birrell for her fine 298.20 to top score for the evening.  There were ten 100's shot last night over the 6 teams in this league, 4 in the Plainsmen team alone, but no bonus points at all in this round.  I have listed all the scorers over 296 in this round, rather than just the top 5 as the quality of shooting must be congratulated.  I have listed the top junior in each team, who all had very fine scores. There was a 10 point spread over the total team scores and a mere 24 inners from the top to bottom teams, which shows which shows how even the teams are.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 - Congratulations to Nelson Gunz for top scoring in this round, and to Neil Kinsey for his excellent 299.18, and Stephanie McNair (shooting for the Canterbury Sniper this season) for her fine 196.13.  There were five 100's shot in this division, Neil Kinsey shooting 2 of them.  I have listed all scores over 296 to highlight the quality of shooting across this league, and the top junior in each team.  Taranaki were handicapped by only having 2 juniors, but still managed to collect 4 points from their composite team.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League - Congratulations to the Southland Centurions for their clean sweep at the top of the table for this round, and to James Cheesman from the other end of the country for his almost perfect 299.19 - I am betting that last point was well scrutinised and lamented over.  There were eleven 100's shot in this round, five of them by the Jaffas.  Charlotte McKenzie shot a great 197.11 to lead the juniors.  The Hutt Valley Wasps were unable to feild a team, but a double header meant that the Wanganui Warriors still had a match to play, against the new team in the league, Ellesmere Swans.  Last season this league struggled along with 4 teams, while this season we have had 6 teams play in this round, and it promises to be fierce competition.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon


NDC Dates 2023

Round 1 - 27 April

Round 2 - 18 May

Round 3 - 8 June

Round 4 - 29 June

Round 5 - 20 July

Semi Final - 10 August

Final - 31 August

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 2023 A LEAGUE Division 1 Draw


2023 A LEAGUE Division 2 Draw


2023 B LEAGUE Draw (to come)